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4 Weeks

The Ask

How do you get people to tell if you they met someone on Zoosk and give you location information about where they met? Then how do you get those people to do this process more than once? These were the core issues we set out to tackle on the Date Feedback project.

The Process

The Product Manager and myself set out to make this feature more than a standard survey so that people would repeatedly engage with it. We brainstormed some ideas and came up with an animated storytelling concept to present to the CEO.

The concept we presented revolved around the idea of telling a story of these two people that went on a date. In this version, as a person answered each question a small animation would be triggered that told a piece of their story. Each animation would build upon the previous one, so at the end of answering all three questions the person would have seen an animation telling their story. 

 By using each individuals picture and making the story react and build itself around their responses this facilitated repeated engagement.

Date Feedback

A UI Designer, Product Manager, and myself explored what types of information we could gather from the Foursquare API. We used this information as guidance to create an icon set for each type of location that might be chosen. Additional icons for video chat and phone call were also created.

This was a responsive web project which required working closely with the engineering team to tweak the animation so that it felt good and smooth across devices. The smallest or mobile version has a variation of the animation where the pictures of each person do not move as much due to smaller screen real estate.

When tested the results were fantastic. Overall engagement with the feature was very high.



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